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AMSTRA is the Atlanta Metro Short Term Rental Alliance. We are an all volunteer, member based nonprofit. All dues and unrestricted donations are devoted to education and advocacy efforts on behalf of our members.

AMSTRA recognizes the importance of well-crafted, reasonable regulation that enables property owners to rent their homes on a short term basis to earn needed income and, at the same time, ensures the quiet enjoyment of other residents and the benefit of tax revenues for the community. We work to accomplish these goals through public education, advocacy, and responsible business practices.

AMSTRA Members

Our Supporters

are owners, property managers, and hosts of short term rentals in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

are businesses that offer products and services to the short term rental community.

We believe short term rentals benefit our guests, ourselves and the City at large.

We expect our members to follow the law, behave as good neighbors, and welcome all guests regardless of race, color, sex, religion, familial status, sexual orientation, or national origin.

How You Can Help

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