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Should I or shouldn't I apply now?

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Question from R.M.: I have STR’s in the City of Atlanta, but haven’t applied for a license. I know that the City Council is considering a revisions that would do away with the primary residence requirement. Should I apply now or wait until Council passes a revised ordinance?

AMSTRA: That depends. If you meet the current requirements for a license, meaning you are an Atlanta resident with only one STR in addition to your residence, then our answer is YES. Although we do not know what regulatory scheme the revised ordinance will adopt, it is possible that existing licensees may be treated preferentially to new applicants. For example, existing licensees may be exempt from the new caps or buffers, or they may qualify as “grandfathered” properties.

But if your properties wouldn’t qualify under the current STR Ordinance, then our answer is NO. We believe the Planning Department would deny your application because it doesn’t meet the current requirements, and you would derive no benefit from submitting an application at this time.

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